Organization for Addiction Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation (OAPTAR)

Community Development and Intervention Center (CDIC)

A CDIC is a centre for robust activities intended to engage the community in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug use and dependence.

It will also serve as a Community-based Treatment Centre for drug use and dependence.

The overall goal of the CDIC is to reduce drug use and dependence and its health-related consequences through integrated network of services in the implementation of evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery support services.

The first CDIC will be in Bau District and this is a result of the collaborative effort of the Social Development Council, Ministry of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development and the One Stop Committee (OSC), Bau District.

Presenting concept of the CDIC


Finialising the set up of CDIC in Kota Samarahan

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