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Prevention science is a new edge. Stand out as a leader in evidence-based prevention.

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Drive measurable impact. Not just good intentions & guesswork. Master the science of stopping problems before they start & be a catalyst for real change.

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inep plus training

Online training

8 sessions. 2 hours per session

Wednesdays 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

Starts: Wed 14-Aug

Ends: Wed 02-Sep

This training

is for:

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Healthcare professionals.

NGOs involved in health promotion, mental health & social services.

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Community leaders.

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Students in medical, social sciences studies.

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What you’ll learn

Evidence-based prevention strategies and policies.

Prevention in families, schools, workplaces, and communities.

Examples of proven evidence-based prevention programs.

Insights from other participants.

Monitoring & evaluation methods.

Quality standards in prevention.

Introduction to

Evidence-based Prevention

Developed by Charles University, Prague.

Based on

universal prevention curriculum

INEP Plus has 2 parts:

  1. Facilitated learning sessions

2 hours per session, Wednesdays

2. Self-paced online learning

Introduction to Prevention Science,

on Charles University platform.

Schedule: Aug - Sep

Wed 14-Aug​

10 Am - 12 ​pm

  • Onboarding.
  • Introduction.

wed 21-Aug​

10 Am - 12 ​pm

  • Why prevention is important.
  • Ethics in Prevention.
  • Advocacy in Prevention.

wed 28-Aug

10 Am - 12 pm

  • Substances, Epidemiology, & Problem Populations.
  • Prevention Science & Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions & Policies.

wed 04-Sep​

10 Am - 12​ pm

  • Family-based Prevention
  • School-based Prevention

Schedule: Sep - Oct

Wed 11-Sep​

10 am - 12 ​pm

  • Workplace-based Prevention Intervention.
  • Community-based Prevention Intervention.

Wed 18-Sep​

10 Am - 12 ​pm

  • Environmental-based Prevention Intervention.
  • Media-based Prevention Intervention.

wed 25-sep​

10 am - 12 ​pm

  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Reflection

Wed 02-Oct

10 am - 12 pm

  • Follow up action plan
  • Awards & recognition.
  • Closing.

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Please pay to:

Alliance Bank Account:

1104 5001 0069 895

your facilitators

Ashwin Thind

Global DDR Master Trainer

(UNODC & ISSUP Global )

INEP Plus Facilitator

(ISSUP Malaysia)

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Director, Pengasih

Abel Ahing

INEP Plus Facilitator


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“The content was excellent for introducing evidence-based prevention to newcomers. Prevention Science is the key to turning "Maybe" into measurable health gains.”

- Fatima alhajri

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“The combination of online sessions and group discussions was really good. Now I know better what truly work.”

Saima Asghar

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"All the while I’ve been doing awareness programs that merely feel good, but no real outcome. With evidence-based strategies, I can have real impact on my communities. "

- Gabriele Matina

Let's learn

Prevention science

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