Organization for Addiction Prevention Treatment and Rehabilitation (OAPTAR)

Building Resilience Through Adaptability during Covid-19

This is an online self-development program for university students and is aimed at creating better awareness and sense of one’s own ability to realize¬†that change has taken place and to find alternatives to manage the change.

This program was attended by 61 students. An evaluation was conducted after the two hour online session and it was found out that 63 % of the attendees were satisfied with the program while 29% were very satisfied with the program and 8% did not respond. 57% of the attendees commented that the program was useful while 33% said it was very useful and 8% did not give their responses. 100% of the attendees commented that they would recommend the program to other students.

OAPTAR reaches out to a wide range of communities in the state to provide prevention, treatment and recovery support services.

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